Research Capabilities

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Stem Cell Production

  • Reproducible Induced pluripotent stem cell lines using automation and via standard manual process
  • Technology development of:
    • Cell assays
    • Quantitative quality control of assays
    • Automated cell culture
  • Gene Editing

Stem Cell Differentiation

  • Differentiating stem cell lines into specific cell types
    • Scalable and reproducible panels of differentiated cell types (e.g. microglia, oligodenrocytes, beta cells) via automation and manual process

Drug Discovery & Disease Modeling

  • Validated iPSC lines available for multiple disease states and controls ­
    • Ability to compare disease to control cells
  • 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional cell culture platforms
    • ­Complex, multi-cell type mixed cultures –
    • In-vitro organ systems
  • Medium throughput compound testing ­
    • Test discrete compound collections vs. multiple disease cell lines and controls –
    • Live cell and end point assay readouts

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Clinical Research

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